Basketball Gaming - The Challenges

Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise. Kobe Bryant
People love basketball. It’s the world’s third most popular sport, with roughly 2.2 billion fans enjoying it as players, spectators, on the internet, in magazines on social media and as gamers. However, there have traditionally been many barriers to active, realistic, professional participation in basketball gaming.


Few people can ever play in the NBA and gaming in the past has been fun where the real money is earned by the developers and owners of the game. Gamers have typically spent more than they have earned. Where are the rewards for talent and determination?


Can online game-play ever be as exciting or as varied as on the real court? Can you choose positions and moves that you can in real life? Maybe gamers don’t always want to play in a full team. Maybe they want to play one-on-one, a quick pick-up game or something casual between friends. Basketball has many forms to enjoy, but how often do games explore these?


Some people can’t play the physical game because they are injured or have a disability. Others may not have enough time or money to train, or be too short for the professional court. Women, meanwhile, might not be able to compete equally against men. In gaming, all players should be equal and succeed based only on talent, which can be developed regardless of real-life ability.


Playing the game for many basketball fans means being there on the court, looking up into the arena and feeling the crowd. What about owning a club or arena and watching your business grow? Can other basketball games create that sense of full immersion?


Not everyone in the world has access to a court or even a ball. If they have these things, maybe they can’t find others to play with. Covid-19 has shown us how easy it is to lose access to the most basic things and opportunities. Can gaming give people the 24/7 access to realistic and rewarding basketball games that they want?


For some people, the dream is owning a team and taking it to the top, but there are not so many billionaires! The ideal gaming option would give these people the chance to own and manage a team or arena, using their skills to steer players to league and even global success.


All basketball fans know that it’s not just about the score. It’s also about the personalities and the names. Jordan. Kobe. LeBron. Shaq. Nobody wants to be just another faceless player on the screen. A true basketball gaming experience needs to offer players an identity of their own and even fame.


Basketball is not golf or football. It has its own skills and techniques that players know and learn. How many many basketball games truly encompass the range of skills and allow players to train, improve and become great? You get better and stronger in real life – why not in the game?


There’s a lot at stake in basketball beyond the hoop. You play the other team, but you also play the league. Managers play managers. Players are even playing against themselves as they try to stay in condition and improve. Basketball gaming needs to reflect these truths.


Sure, it’s a business. A big business. Sponsorship, merchandise, trading, prizes. It’s all a part of the game and every basketball fan knows how it works. How many games are reflecting this reality?
True basketball fans want a gaming experience that fulfills all of these criteria. Real. Exciting. Detailed. Rewarding.
Basketballverse delivers!