Brandable Content

t’s time to settle this on the court!
Unlike many P2E games full of fictional characters, Basketballverse allows and encourages connections with real-world basketball players, arenas, and brands. That is the world gamers know and love. It’s the world they want to see re-created in the metaverse.
That’s why Basketballverse has been designed to be highly brandable, with partnerships in the real-world. Brandable assets include:
Merchandise – Spice up your fashion sense and earn a little bit of cash on the way by equipping ballers with new branded clothes. Every baller will have the same clothing initially but will be able to buy merchandise through Basketballverse or other marketplaces to change their in-game appearance. This includes: shirts, shorts, sneakers, headbands/wristbands, warm-up clothing, press conference clothing etc.
Merchandise can also increase the ballers’ morale and confidence, boosting their performance in-game. A pair of Nike Kobe 9 Elite (for example) could help your ballers score three-pointers more frequently :) We aim to secure quality brand deals to recreate branded club merchandise in our marketplace.
Consumables – Every baller will need to replenish their vitality once in a while. To freshen up, they can use real-world branded in-game consumable items such as energy drinks (e.g. Gatorade) or post-workout meals.
Arenas – Players naturally flourish more inside their home arena, drawing power and morale from the cheers of thousands of loyal fans. Basketballverse’s arenas and courts are highly brandable and easily customizable, with logos, colors, names and in-game ads. You can sign a sponsorship deal to use real-world branding in your arena and earn passive income from it.
Leagues – Brandable within Basketballverse via their logos and names. Popular real-world leagues can set up their major basketball tournaments in Basketballverse for every global player.