Follow Basketballverse journey.

Q1 2022

The plan here is to rebrand our website, making it more attractive and practical for the basketball-lover community. In addition, we are planning to announce partnerships with prominent names from the basketball world that have been onboarded so far.
During this time, you can participate in our events and become a part of the Basketballverse community. Additionally, we are also setting up smart contracts interaction and the estimated completion time is within Q1 2022.

Q2 2022

This is a period of testing and fine-tuning adjustment before launching the MVP version of Basketballverse. Aside from demo testing, we will test the NFTs (i.e., creation, store and transact) and make sure the NFT system works appropriately. Then, if everything is good to go, we will commence the NFT sale.

Q3 2022

Depending on user feedback, we will adjust the in-game tokenomics and the game gameplay/graphics accordingly. At the same time, our team will test the NFT renting system - a feature where players can rent skilled ballers to their team. And finally, we will (possibly) hold the first tournaments and leagues for everyone.

Q4 2022

Here is the expected public launch of Basketballverse. Eventually, you will be able to earn $BVR by managing your team of professional ballers and participating in the top-notch 3D multiplayer basketball world.
Once the core game is up and running and there are sufficient users, we will open the community shop and the marketplace. Ultimately, users can trade their NFTs, merchandise wares, and much more freely and intuitively. We also look toward adding new basketball game modes, arenas, merchandise, and consumables.
Further future
The NFT gaming market is constantly changing and so is Basketballverse. We expect many more innovations to come regarding token inflation control mechanism, gameplay, and NFT sales. Our roadmap should provide the general gist of the project, but please keep in mind that we may introduce changes if needed, and we will communicate any modification in the roadmap.
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