Official Basketballverse Whitepaper. Some changes can be applied during development. Last update: April 2022
The blockchain-based P2E (play-to-earn) gaming model offers a wide-open economy and financial rewards to every player in the gaming ecosystem. With more control of in-game assets and more choices in how to play, gamers can fully embody and appreciate their favorite games while earning through cryptocurrency and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). It’s a rapidly growing market. Twenty-four blockchain-based gaming companies raised $476 million in investments in the first half of 2021 and the P2E gaming industry as a whole has earned $20 billion revenue just in 2020. With one billion online gamers active worldwide currently generating a global $175.8 billion, the prediction is for 1.3 billion gamers in 2025 generating $200 billion.
Basketballverse is a direct response to this market: a virtual NFT basketball P2E gaming metaverse built on blockchain for a truly immersive playing experience. With its $BVR token economy, the game empowers participants to earn real income by playing as a baller, owning and managing a club, or owning an arena to host games and sell merchandise.
Think NBA2K – the kind of game in which you can control your avatar but with the real-world advantages of being able to participate in club and arena management. The main difference: there are no NBA stars to control. Here, the baller is the star who builds his or her own metaverse basketball career through gameplay, attracting sponsorship and building a fanbase. As in real-world basketball, you can earn an actual living from it.
Our USP? We build in the massive revenue-earning potential of real-world basketball to our metaverse. Players have typically spent more than they’ve earned in basketball gaming and we aim to change this. That means branding and sponsorship possibilities. It means merchandise. It means a large fanbase equating with brand value. It means incorporating real-world basketball players as coaches/mentors and real venues as arena sponsors.
Basketballverse is an extension of the real-world sport. We’re on a mission to create a full basketball ecosystem experience in the metaverse via immersive gameplay, balanced competition, and big rewards.