The success of Basketballverse stems from the dedication and expertise of its talented team.

Comprised of individuals passionate about basketball, gaming, and blockchain technology, the team brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to drive the development and growth of the virtual basketball universe. Together, the Basketballverse team is committed to realizing the vision of creating the greatest basketball universe.

With our collective expertise, passion for basketball, and innovative approach, we strive to deliver a groundbreaking gaming experience that unites the worlds of basketball, gaming, and blockchain technology!

Leadership: Simon Januskis

  • Origin and Passion: Originating from Lithuania rich basketball culture, Simon Januskis is a visionary leader with a profound passion for basketball and a keen understanding of the gaming and blockchain sectors.

  • Diverse Expertise: As a former professional basketball player, Simon has transitioned his on-court skills into the boardroom, leading to over $1M in sales in 1.5 years and directing sizable teams in high-stakes executive roles.

  • Industry Impact: With a career spanning across notable entities like BC Zalgiris, Unity, and, Simon influence is a testament to his versatile expertise and innovative approach.

  • Connect on LinkedIn: Discover more about Simon professional journey on LinkedIn.

Core Team

Goda V.: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • Marketing Expertise: A decade-long journey in marketing, marked by innovative and impactful campaigns.

  • Accolades:

    • Creator of the nation's most memorable TV ad.

    • Pioneered the country's first virtual influencer.

    • Known for generating significant word-of-mouth through social media campaigns.

  • Professional Background: Experience with notable brands like Bitė, BIOK Lab, and L’Oreal.

Alex M.: Lead Developer

  • Game Development Veteran: Over 14 years in video game development, blending creativity with technical prowess.

  • Key Achievements:

    • Led the development of 'Match Hit', achieving over 5 million downloads.

    • Spearheaded 3D automation development at CGTrader, impacting 2 million users and contributing to a $9.5M Series B funding.

  • Industry Experience: A rich career with companies like NordCurrent, Estoty, CG Trader, and GS Studio.

  • LinkedIn: Aleksandr M..

Xabier A.: Game Producer

  • Video Game Production Expertise: Boasts over 5 years of experience in video game production, showcasing a blend of creativity and project management skills.

  • Notable Contributions:

    • Served as a production assistant for 'Moonlighter', which sold over 1 million copies and generated over $10 million in revenue.

    • Played a key role in the production of 'Empyrion', another million-copy seller with over $13 million in revenue.

  • Professional Background: Gained valuable industry experience at Brave Zebra.

K1ng Apollo.: Media Lead

  • Entertainment Industry Veteran: Over 20 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

  • Gaming Enthusiast: Avid gamer with more than 30 years of gaming experience, combining passion with professional insight.

  • Industry Experience: Has worked with prominent organizations such as UFC, Shrapnel, and BigTime.

  • Twitter: Follow K1ng Apollo on Twitter.

Other Team Members


  • Arturo G.: Developer with experience at Fluttered. LinkedIn.

  • Vladas B.: Skilled Developer. LinkedIn.

Social Media and Design:

  • Olha K.: Social Media Specialist at GrowthFox Marketing. LinkedIn.

  • Gabriele Z.: Graphic Designer, previously with LKL. LinkedIn.

Video and Motion Design:

Community Management:

  • Aivaras N.: Community Manager with experience at Geopoly and Lossless. LinkedIn.

  • SuperCrunch: Community Manager. Twitter.


Surgence - Growth Partner

Recent Client Achievements:

Space Nation:

  • Gained over 100k+ followers.

  • Achieved 2M+ impressions.

  • Reached 0.85 ETH All-Time High for a free genesis collection.

Quantum Eye Society:

  • Garnered 1M+ impressions.

  • Built a following of 100k+.

  • Generated 50k wallets.

Other Notable Clients:

  • Overtrip.

  • Wadeside.

Brave Zebra - Video Game Development Partner

Industry Experience:

  • Over 9 years in the video game development business, demonstrating a significant presence and expertise in the industry.

Project Portfolio:

  • Successfully delivered over 60 projects, showcasing a broad range of capabilities and expertise in game development.

Most Popular Games:


  • Sold over 1 million copies.

  • Generated $10M+ in revenue.

Empyrion - Galactic Survival:

  • Sold over 1 million copies.

  • Generated $13M+ in revenue.

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