The roadmap for our project encompasses key milestones across various areas, including game development, growth initiatives, and the deployment of our native token, $BVR.

Year 2022

Game Development:

  • Whitepaper v1.0 Published: The foundational document outlining the vision and mechanics of the game was released.

  • Development Commenced: The journey to bring Basketballverse to life began.

  • Baller Management Layer: Completion of the development of the baller management layer, enhancing player interaction and management within the game.

  • Baller On-Court Gameplay: Initiation of development focused on the on-court gameplay, promising an immersive and dynamic basketball experience.

  • In-Game Marketplace: Successful completion of the in-game marketplace development, enabling transactions and trade within the game environment.

  • NFT Integration & Management: Integration and management logic for in-game NFTs were completed, laying the groundwork for a robust digital asset ecosystem.

Growth and Community:

  • Community Building: Successfully built a strong community base of over 30,000 members.

  • Ambassadors' Program: Launch of the Ambassadors' program to foster community engagement and growth.

  • Partnership with Mo Bamba: Announced a significant partnership with basketball star Mo Bamba, adding credibility and visibility to the project.

$BVR Token:

  • Private Fundraise: Completed a private fundraising round with over 30 investors and 10 partnerships, marking a significant milestone in the project's financial journey.

  • Token Smart Contract: Deployment and successful audit of the $BVR token smart contract, ensuring security and reliability of the token within the blockchain framework.

Year 2023

Game Development:

  • Baller On-Court Gameplay: Completion of the development of baller on-court gameplay, offering a fully immersive basketball experience.

  • Initial UI Development: Completion of the initial user interface development, enhancing player interaction and game navigation.

  • Basketball Matches Development: Development of both regular and duel basketball matches completed, diversifying gameplay options.

  • Public Gameplay Reveal: The first public reveal of the gameplay, showcasing the progress and features of the game.

  • Closed Alpha Test: Conducted a closed alpha test, gathering initial feedback from a select group of players.

  • Bobbito Garcia Collaboration: Renowned personality Bobbito Garcia signed on as a voice-over artist, adding a unique flair to the game.

Growth and Community:

  • Brand Identity & Website: Launch of a new brand identity and website, marking a significant step in the project's public image and online presence.

  • Community Expansion: Growth of the community to over 50,000 members, indicating increasing interest and engagement with the project.

  • Basketball Players Partnerships: Signed agreements with 8 professional basketball players, enhancing the game's authenticity and appeal.

  • Partnership with Surgence: Collaboration with growth partner Surgence, aimed at accelerating the project's growth and outreach.

Year 2024

Game Development:

  • Tournament & Ranked Games: Launch of tournament and ranked basketball games, adding competitive play and ranking systems to the game.

  • In-Game Economy: Testing and updates to the in-game economy, ensuring a balanced and engaging economic model.

  • First Virtual Basketball League: Introduction of the first virtual basketball league, a significant milestone in competitive play.

  • UI Upgrade: Implementation of a user interface upgrade, enhancing the overall player experience and game interaction.

  • New Game Modes - Clubs & Arenas: Development of new game modes focusing on clubs and arenas, expanding gameplay variety and options.

Growth and Community:

  • Podcast Launch: Introduction of a Basketballverse-themed podcast, offering insights, stories, and discussions related to the game.

  • Celebrity-Fan Initiatives: Launch of initiatives involving celebrities and fans, increasing engagement and adding star power to the game.

  • New Partnerships: Formation of new partnerships with basketball players and brands, further solidifying the game's authenticity and appeal.

  • Community Expansion: Remarkable growth of the community, reaching over 200,000 members, showcasing the game's increasing popularity.

  • Physical Merchandise Release: Release of Basketballverse physical merchandise, bridging the gap between the virtual game and real-world fan engagement.

  • New In-Game Asset Collections: Release of new in-game asset collections, continually refreshing and enriching the game's content.

$BVR Token:

  • IDO (Initial DEX Offering): The IDO for $BVR tokens, with platforms to be announced, marking a significant step in the token's public offering.

  • Genesis Collection Launch: Launch of the Genesis Collection for free, providing early adopters and supporters with exclusive assets.

  • Game Assets Presale: Presale of game assets, with platforms to be announced, offering early access to upcoming game content.

  • CEX & DEX Listings: Listing of $BVR tokens on various Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges (details TBA), enhancing the token's accessibility and liquidity.

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