Basketball Skills

Basketball skills determine the character's performance when interacting with the ball - passing, shooting, blocking or stealing. The values of the basketball skills are normalized (from 0 to 1) since they mean the probability of success of each of the actions.

To upgrade each basketball skill, the player must spend a specific amount of Power Points (PP) and gold. Each time a basketball skill is upgraded, this possibility of successful action is increased.

Players can upgrade all basketball skills without restriction up to five times, as long as they have enough resources. There are ten different basketball skills, divided into three categories:

Offensive Basketball Skills

Close range shooting: the character's ability to make shots from close range.

Mid range shooting: the character's ability to make shots from a medium distance.

Three point shooting: the character's ability to make long-distance shots.

Dunks: the character's ability to make normal and putback dunks.

Alley Oops: the character's ability to finish lobbed passes near the rim.

Defensive Basketball Skills

Stealing: the character's ability to make a successful steal.

Blocking: the character's ability to make a successful block.

Marking: the character’s ability to negatively impact opponent’s abilities.

Playmaking Basketball Skills

Pass accuracy: the character's ability to make a successful pass to the teammate.

Ball handling: the character's ability to control the ball.

Dribbling: the character's ability to make a successful dribble.

Progression System For Basketball Skills

Due to the normalization of basketball skills values, which range from 0 to 1 and represent the success percentage of each mechanic, the progression system for basketball skills is designed to be simpler.

In alignment with the physical abilities system, each character is assigned a starting basketball skill value and a maximum basketball skill value. However, in this system, players are limited to a maximum of five upgrades for each basketball skill.

As a result, the growth of each improvement is calculated using the following method:

Each basketball skill is represented by a horizontal bar, categorized according to the different types of basketball skills. Within each bar, the current amount of the basketball skill and its maximum possible value is displayed. As the player upgrades each basketball skill, they will visually observe the bar filling up gradually until it reaches the maximum amount.

This graphical representation allows for a clear and intuitive understanding of the progression and level of each basketball skill.

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