In-Game Economy

The economy is the start and end of everything, and Basketballverse is not an exception.

This section aims to provide a comprehensive explanation of the resources available in the game. It will cover their acquisition methods, the advantages they offer, and how the assets are connected to each other.

Understanding these aspects is vital for grasping the internal economy of Basketballverse and its impact on the gameplay.

First things first, let’s see run through the types of resources used in the game!


BVR is the main currency of the game. It’s the centerpiece of the game’s economy and the most valuable currency. The player will be able to buy almost anything with it.

How to get BVR? To get BVR you'll need to use fiat or cryptocurrencies. Alternatively you can earn BVR by selling or renting your characters, or get BVR as a reward for participating in special events.

How to use BVR? You can spend BVR to acquire gold, loot boxes, power ups and power moves for your characters. You can also use BVR to mint new characters and accessories.


Gold is the secondary currency in the game, and it is used to acquire lower value elements. Active players who regularly invest fiat and crypto into the game have an abundance of Gold!

How to get gold? You can get some gold from loot boxes, for completing season quests and trophy roads, or by spending some BVR.

How to use gold? Mostly common accessories and characters, although sometimes you can get rare items too. You can also exchange gold for power points, or use gold to upgrade your character’s skills.

Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are filled with random items and are a cheaper way to get hold of other in-game resources. Of course, lower value rewards will be more common than legendary ones.

How to get a Loot Box? By spending BVR. You can also get loot boxes as rewards for completing season quests or trophy roads.

What’s inside a loot box? Inside a loot box you may find gold, power points, or accessories.

Power Points

Power points are used to upgrade the abilities of your characters. This resource is key for the player's progression, as it makes characters stronger and boosts their market value.

How to get power points? You can get power points by spending gold, opening loot boxes, and completing season quests and trophy roads.

How to use power points? You can use power points only to upgrade your character.


Tokens are the main currency in the season mode.

How to get tokens? Tokens are earned by participating in special events, playing games and completing objectives. In principle, this currency is limited to seasonal events.

How to use tokens? You can exchange your tokens for loot boxes.


A trophy is a reminder of your achievements, and the way to recognize your skill.

How to get trophies? Trophies can only be won in competitive tournaments.

How to use trophies? Trophies are design to commemorate your success, but can also be exchanged for Loot Boxes. Generally, trophies are used to keep players motivated.

Club Coins

Club coins are resources needed for managing and creating clubs in Basketballverse.

How to get club coins? You earn club coins by winning club events.

How to use club coins? You can exchange club coins for loot boxes.

Aquirable Items

Apart from the resources described above, Basketballverse has additional items that can be equipped during basketball matches. These items help enrich the gameplay and help characters stand out from the pack.

NFT Characters are the most valuable assets in the game - you can’t do much without them. They are used to play matches in different game modes and they can be traded between players. Additionally, each character has its own, unique set of skills!

How to get NFT characters? You can mint your an NFT character using BVR or fiat.

How to use NFT characters? The player must choose a character from their collection before each match. Apart from taking part in games, characters can be rented or sold to other players.

Signature Moves

Signature moves are used on characters to improve their on-court abilities. After acquiring the signature move, the character will be able to execute it during matches. Signature moves showcased in Basketballverse are inspired by the signature moves of basketball legends that Basketballverse has partnered up with.

The rarity of moves depends on the greatness of their innovator. The logic is simple - maneuvers originated by great players can have a bigger impact on the game, so a limited release of signature moves makes them more valuable and special. Not a lot of players can perfect Kareem's Skyhook or pull off a tidy elbow pass, and it's reflected in BVR.

How to get signature moves? You can get them by completing season quests and trophy roads. Additionally, you can get signature moves from Basketballverse marketplace by spending $BVR.

How to use signature moves? After acquiring a signature move you can use it during matches to get advantage over your competition.


Accessories make up the look of NFT characters. Multiple accessories can be equipped at the same time. When a character is sold or rented, accessories are included in the transaction.

How to get accessories? You can mint accessories using BVR or fiat money, or get them from loot boxes.

How to use accessories? Equipping accessories on the character make him more attractive both on the court and on the market.

Power Ups

Power ups are consumables that increase your chances of winning matches. Power ups have a limited timetable in the game, some give you a boost for 10 or more games, some give you less. The rarity of a consumable is directly affected by the impact it has on the run of the game and the number of times it was used. Ballers can be equipped with one or more power ups for the match!

How to get power ups? You can buy them with BVR, or get them as a reward for completing season quests or trophy roads.

How to use power ups? You can use power ups before the game to modify some stats or multiply the amount of experience points received after the match.

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