Beyond The courts

Club Management

In the world of Basketballverse, the game extends beyond the court.

It embraces the social aspect of basketball, allowing players to form clubs! This chapter explores the immersive club experience offered by Basketballverse, where players can not only compete but also manage their own basketball teams.

This mode is ideal for engaging with other community members, making friends, and learning the value of team work. After all, there’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’!

Key Features

Club management encompasses various features and responsibilities, including:


Club owners have the freedom to personalize their clubs by selecting names, logos, colors, visuals, etc. They can also negotiate deals with arenas for home games, creating a unique identity for their club!

Roster Creation

Club owners can recruit top talent by offering enticing deals to players. These deals involve salary, exclusive merchandise, a share of club’s revenue or entry fees. Owners also establish pre-season agreements with arenas to host home games and expand their fanbase.

Club Fanbase

A larger fanbase translates to increased popularity, profit, and more opportunities for success. The algorithm boosts certain player skills for clubs with larger fanbases for specific games, adding an extra element of excitement! Fans show their support through social media channels and by watching streamed games.

Hall of Legends

Club owners have the chance to immortalize their greatest players with the Hall of Legends, building prestige for their brand and attracting promising new talent to join the club.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Real-world brands and manufacturers can be approached for sponsorship deals, offering financial support to the club. Sponsorships enable clubs to afford player salaries, implement effective tactics, expand their influence, and even explore community-funded models such as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) or subscription models.

Brand Building

In Basketballverse, clubs have the freedom to shape their brand identity. Whether through sponsorships or independent efforts, owners can design outstanding logos, colors, jerseys, banners, and more, establishing a distinctive and recognizable presence.

Basketballverse provides players with the opportunity to create their own clubs, complete with a unique name, icon, and a dedicated club manager.

The game goes beyond traditional gameplay by introducing a comprehensive manager experience, filling the gap of basketball manager video games. Here layers have the opportunity to become club owners and delve into the intricacies of running a basketball team and enjoy the managerial side of Basketballverse without active participation on the court.

To establish a club, players must acquire a club ticket, which can be purchased using BVR. On top of that, a certain amount of BVR tokens will have to be staked. Inviting other players to join the club does not incur additional costs, but participation in club events may require a fee!

Club events form a significant part of the club experience in Basketballverse. These events involve specific missions that promote both cooperative play within the club and competitive matchups against other players.

By successfully completing these missions, players earn club coins, a valuable in-game currency that can be exchanged for exciting rewards, including loot boxes.

Arena Ownership

In the vast universe of Basketballverse, arenas play a pivotal role in creating an immersive and lucrative gaming experience.

Arenas in Basketballverse are more than just venues for games — they are centers of revenue, activity, and branding. By strategically managing arenas, owners can unlock their full potential, generate substantial income, and create a captivating environment for players, spectators, and real-world partnerships.

This chapter explores the intricacies of arenas, highlighting their significance for generating revenue.

Arena Ownership and Revenue Sharing

Each arena in Basketballverse is composed of 10,000 individual NFT tokens, which can be acquired in their entirety or shared among multiple owners. Arena owners receive revenue through various means, including hosting games, renting the arena for practice sessions, and securing sponsorship deals. The distribution of profits is proportional to the owner's share of NFT tokens.

Arena Advertisement

Owners have the opportunity to promote their arenas to attract players and even clubs. Effective advertising can be done within the game or by utilizing social media platforms. The number of arenas within Basketballverse is actively managed by the platform to maintain balance and ensure optimal engagement.

Arena Levels

Basketballverse incorporates a level system for arenas, which is determined by factors such as the number of games hosted and overall activity. Inactive arenas may experience a level decline. Advancing through levels unlocks additional features, such as different playing surfaces, merchandise booths, and increased spectator capacity. These upgrades offer a wider range of opportunities to maximize revenue and enhance the overall arena experience!

Arena Upgrades

Managing an arena effectively yields rewards for owners. Upgrading the arena can lead to increased revenue streams, including the addition of merchandise booths, advertisement spaces, roofing, heated seats, etc. Owners can attract sponsorship deals, leveraging the appearance and name of the arena, and even sell sponsored consumables like drinks and food. Higher-ranking arena levels provide access to further upgrades and bonuses, such as unique court surfaces and advanced facilities.

Investment and Upgrade Fees

Players have the option to invest in arena upgrades. The upgrading fee is influenced by the number of tokens staked in the arena—owning more tokens results in a higher upgrade fee. Upgrades commence once 91% of the fees are paid, enabling owners who contributed to start enjoying the associated benefits. In some cases, mandatory upgrades may be required, and failure to implement them incurs penalties, affecting fan morale during matches.

Revenue Streams

Arenas in Basketballverse offer multiple revenue streams for owners. Hosting games, particularly those of higher prestige within ranked leagues, generates matchday income. Renting out arenas for practice provides another source of income while also nurturing the next generation of talent. Passive income can be generated by upgrading arenas to accommodate more seats, allowing you to host more league games with increased revenue potential. Additionally, special merchandise booths within arenas offer opportunities for additional sales.

Branding and Sponsorships

Basketballverse arenas provide ample branding and sponsorship opportunities, both from real world basketball arenas and brands. Owners can showcase their creativity and attract renowned names in the industry to collaborate. Opportunities include court appearances, arena naming rights, logo placements, colors, and in-game advertisements. These collaborations contribute to the overall authenticity and immersion of the Basketballverse experience!

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