On-Court Mechanics

Basketballverse have taken a lot of inspiration from NBA Street Vol. 2 as our main reference for in-game mechanics.

Our main goal is to provide players with a fun experience that keeps the game mechanics simple and easy to understand. We understand that nailing down the mechanics is key to achieve an exciting playing environment for players of all levels.

Here are the details of the basic actions available to the players:

  • Movement: Players can move their character in four directions.

  • Dash: Players can make a quick movement in the chosen direction to launch a fast break or chase down the attack. This move consumes stamina and leaves the character vulnerable to having the ball stolen.

Stamina is consumed when dashing and gradually replenishes over time. The endurance stat affects the speed at which stamina refills, with the maximum value being 100.

Movement aside, characters must be able to put some work on offense and defense!


You’re presented with the following moves when your character controls the ball:

  • Dribble: Characters can dodge opponents and keep full control over the ball.

  • Shoot: Players can aim and throw the ball towards the basket. Depending on the position and accuracy of the Baller, shooting accuracy may vary. Improving shooting skills unlocks three different shot variations, all based on distance.

  • Pass: The character can pass the ball to a teammate in the selected direction.

  • Alley Oop: By requesting assistance from another player, characters can execute an alley-oop move to score with some flair.

  • Dunk: Players can jump towards the basket and slam the ball into it.

  • Putback Dunk: If the ball is in mid-air and near the basket, a player can jump up and slam it where it belongs.


When the enemy team controls the ball, your possible actions would be slightly limited.

  • Block: Characters can position themselves to intercept passes or shots and disrupt the opposing team's alley oops.

  • Steal: Players can attempt to take control of the ball from an opponent or recover the ball after a failed pass or shot. It can also stuff an opponent's power dunk!

  • Mark: When you mark an opponent, you're sticking close to them, making it harder for them to receive passes or get a clear shot. It's about anticipating their moves and being one step ahead. Effective marking can pressure the opponent into making mistakes or taking less optimal shots.

Signature Moves

Fundamentals aside, Basketballverse incorporates some arcade-style gameplay too. Signature moves are inspired by famous players and have diverse effects - from temporary skill boosts to free shots at the basket.

Players can equip signature moves before a match, allowing them to plan their strategy or enhance their preferred playstyle. Signature moves rely on a resource called the "power bar", making them more rare and special. Using a signature move depletes the entire power bar.

The power bar regenerates over time, with the quickest and most effective regeneration occurring through successful actions like passing, shooting, blocking, or stealing the ball.

Player Interactions

Finally, teammates can exchange short text messages and emoticons. Communication is key!

It's important to note that these proposed systems are subject to change during the development process if the team identifies any issues or inconsistencies.

While this design serves as the initial plan, testing and iterative adjustments will ultimately guide the direction of the project.

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