To enhance player engagement and provide a sense of competition, Basketballverse employs a competitive system that tracks individual mastery.

Mastery is evaluated in two ways - based on your performance with specific characters and based on your overall ability, which aggregates rankings of all characters in your collection. Players can track the rating of their character and check their place in the rankings.

To facilitate fair matchmaking, two separate queues are available:

  1. Normal Queue is meant for players seeking casual gameplay that won’t impact their competitive rating. Participation in this queue is primarily for enjoyment and fun.

  2. Ranked Queue is meant for players seeking to improve their competitive score. Regular playtime and high rankings offer rewards. For more info about rewards please review the ‘Trophy Road’ section down below.

To improve the level of competition, Basketabllverse also employs a placement system.

Placement System

Placement system analyzes the results of competitive games to provide ratings for player.

The idea is simple - players gain points for winning competitive games in the ranked queue and lose points for coming up short.

Basketballverse uses a fairly complex logic for the rating system, which will be described in more detail in the near future.

Trophy Road Rewards

Basketballverse players have the opportunity to earn trophies by completing Trophy Road objectives. Trophies can be exchanged for various prizes in a dedicated store.

Distribution of trophies and additional rewards can be tracked, and each completed milestone offers a specific number of trophies along with other items like power points, gold, and even NFT character skins!

More detailed information regarding the rewards obtained through the trophy road will be made available soon.


Another exciting game mode that aims to engage players further and keep them immersed in the game is the introduction of seasons with an achievements system.

Unlike the previously explained game modes, seasons operate independently and taps into the completionist nature of players, motivating them to strive for various accomplishments. The seasons and achievements system functions by presenting players with a series of interconnected missions, each requiring specific actions to be performed during matches.

Once a mission is successfully completed, the player advances to the next one.

Here are the type of missions that might be included in seasons:

  1. Shoot three triples in the same game.

  2. Play four games with a center.

  3. Make fifty successful passes.

The main rewards for completing missions are tokens, although experience points can also be earned along the way. Seasons have a limited activity window - once the season ends, its missions will become inactive. You could redeem earned tokens and exchange them for gold.

By offering a diverse range of missions, players are encouraged to explore different aspects of the game and test their skills in various scenarios.

This system not only provides a sense of progression and achievement but also adds an extra layer of depth and engagement to the overall gaming experience!

Season Road

Season road is not that different from trophy road.

The main difference between these game modes is that season road rewards you with tokens. The more tokens the player earns per season - the higher level prize could be claimed!

Each season has a unique road with special rewards.

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