Core Loop

In Basketballverse, the core loop refers to the central gameplay mechanics and interactions that players perform in a cyclical manner - character building and asset management.

Character Customization & Improvement

One of the two main ‘loops’ of the game involves character customization and improvement. Playing with a generic baller is neither fun nor effective, so we made sure to incorporate a lot of customization into the game. This way our players could express their personalities and showcase their fashion sense while playing the game we all love so much! Of course, looks alone don’t win you games. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your work on the court. By dedicating time and resources on your character, you majorly increase your chances of becoming the top dog in Basketballverse. Unlock special moves, develop skills and buy upgrades to win matches and gain vital experience! As they say, the ball is in your court.

Asset Management

The second key aspect of the game involves integrating character customization & improvement with asset management and character transactions. Once players have customized and enhanced their ballers, they have the option to list them for sale on the in-game market. This enables other players to either purchase or rent these characters, resulting in the selling player earning BVR tokens. Received BVR can then be reinvested back into the game, allowing players to generate even more characters. By subsequently putting these new ballers up for sale, the loop is completed. Not only you’re enjoying a basketball game, but you also get to nurture the next generations of ballers!

On top of the main loop, Basketballverse offers three additional layers that round off the gameplay and make it more engaging and complex. The game offers:

  • Competitive system: Win matches to climb the rankings and get trophies

  • Live content: Participate in seasonal quests to get additional rewards

  • Social features: Join or create the club to take part in special events and get club coins

Now that we have reviewed the core loop of Basketballverse, let’s see how the game starts.


A fun tutorial is extremely important to ensure that new players quickly get familiar with the game and get a taste of things to come. Just like in God of War 2, our tutorial presents a new player with a powerful character to learn the basics. You start off with developed skills and amazing power moves to try out different things, learn the the X's and O's of the game, and find out how to participate in matches. After completing the tutorial, you will be given a LVL 1 character to start the grind!

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