Rarity Explained

Basketballverse characters, signature moves, wearables and consumables are NFT items categorized into different rarity tiers, each representing a different level of exclusivity: common, rare, super rare, epic, legendary.

For example, Baller's rarity has a direct impact on his growth potential. The higher the rarity score, the faster the skills will be growing! This way characters improve faster than others, earn more money and win more games as a result. You can’t become the next MVP simply through training, only a rare breed can become the 'top dog'!

The rarity of wearables depends on the size of the collection, year of release, and if the item is made in collaboration with someone famous. In the future the rarity of wearables will also depend on who was wearing the item before you.

The rarity of signature moves depends on the greatness of their innovator. The logic is simple - maneuvers originated by great players can have a bigger impact on the game, so a limited release of signature moves makes them more valuable and special. Not a lot of players can perfect Kareem's Skyhook or pull off a tidy elbow pass, and it's reflected in BVR.

Finally, the rarity of a consumable is directly affected by the impact it has on the run of the game and the number of times it was used.

As you see, rarity matters a lot and can ‘make or break’ your Baller!

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