Guest & Career Modes

Upon completing the tutorial you will be asked to choose between two game modes.

Basketballverse gives you two options. Firstly, there’s 'Guest Mode', which gives you a free character and access to normal matches and multiplayer. This is ideal for players who want to continue playing but are uncertain about registering.

The progression of a free-to-play (F2P) character has a ‘glass ceiling’ - once you reach a specific level, further advancement will not be possible. F2P guest mode also restricts access to other game modes, which can only be played in ‘Career Mode’.

You could switch to ‘Career Mode’ by registering in BVR using a Web 3.0 wallet. After completing the process you would be able to mint a character, modify its appearance, unlock key game modes, and even transfer the progress you made with your F2P character!

Switching over is a good idea, as you will receive a starting amount of gold and the opportunity to purchase in-game accessories for your ballers.

Simply put, Career Mode is your go-to option for unrestricted Basketballverse experience!

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