Design, Tech, Sport & Business
Our team brings many years of expert experience to Basketballverse from the worlds of sports, business, tech and creative to deliver an all-round product offer.
World-class game production
Our Senior Game Designer Rafal Nowocien worked on the legendary RPG blockbuster The Witcher, which sold over 8,000,000 copies worldwide. He created the script, level design, cut-scenes directions and dialogue design for this award-winning AAA title.
Working alongside Rafal is Senior Game Producer Valerii Rohovchenko, who has project-managed for many companies, and Senior Game Developer Konstantin Desiatov, who will develop the game with Unity3D, handle the backend and make prototypes for testing.
Additionally, our game artists have worked for such global gaming names as Electronic Arts (NBA Live), 2K games (NBA 2K) and The Walt Disney Corporation. Artist and Illustrator Evelina Germanovic is creating an amazing visual metaverse experience for our gamers.
Sports knowledge
Basketballverse lead Simon is a former professional basketball player who shifted his path towards tech and is enjoying his eighth year in the space. He now has a software engineering and business administration background, along with four years of management and founding roles experience in crypto and ecommerce markets. Basketballverse combines his two great passions: crypto and basketball.
Our Partnerships Manager Ibrahim Doumbia is a professional basketball athlete with a vast network in the basketball sports industry. He brings not only his own experience, but the experience of his many contacts at all levels of the game: teams, players, and sponsors.
Tech Lead Bronius Baniulis has worked as a software developer and technology analyst for many years. He is a former software engineer at JP Morgan and an experienced CTO with eight years’ of experience.
Bronius is joined by UX/UI Designer Gintaras Elmonas, who is a passionate end-to-end designer marrying visual aesthetics with a high-functioning interface.
Growth Lead Osvaldas Kazlauskas is coordinating business marketing and communications activities with the focus of making Basketballverse a remarkable game-changer in the history of eSports gaming. Maintaining a public image of a studio is not an easy job, however, his versatile, long-year marketing communications and senior business developer experience in various size businesses is what transforms this great idea into reality.
Osvaldas works closely with Digital Marketing Project Manager Emilė Daujadaitė, who has a long history of working with e-commerce and web projects, digital marketing, team management and sales. These masterminds are supported by Content Writer Matt Stanley, who puts words behind the Basketbalverse messaging and comes up with new ideas that are easy to read and learn. Together, this carefully curated collection of talent is creating the best multiplayer basketball game experience in the metaverse. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships, for this reason we have equipped our project with the most intelligent and versatile blockchain business experience holders. Let’s quickly overview our advisory board members at Basketballverse.
Calvin Chu - Project Advisor
Calvin Chu is an ex Binance and one of the best people we have had a chance to work with. He is providing us with a tremendous amount of knowledge in project development. It’s also worth mentioning that he is a builder of Impossible Finance  –  a leading launchpad and DAO incubator, whose team right now is taking credit for being leader in the space when it comes to the current average ROI of IDOs according to the newest publication on Cryptorank.
Domantas Pelaitis - Blockchain Advisor
Domantas is a software engineer with a burning passion for building innovative products. His previous experiences include architecting and implementing DLT and blockchain-based solutions, decentralized applications, developing, auditing smart contracts and building software for major insurance companies in the region.
Monika Sviderske - Marketing Advisor
Monika is on a mission to help people see blockchain in a better light. She is multi-talented and skilled in management and digital marketing. She had successfully managed multiple projects in the past, and currently is the CMO at Brokkoli Network and Lossless. Monika is here to help realize the full potential of the metaverse basketball experience.
Raed Arrar - Strategic Advisor
By nature, Raed is an entrepreneur who worked with startups in the past with 30+ years of international business development and venture capital experience. Recently, his passion has revolved around investing in blockchain and metaverse founders, where he can regularly test new strategies. With Basketballverse, he helps bring the boundless possibilities of an exciting basketball metaverse to reality.
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