The team with the most heart wins.
Players know that the GameFi is often focused more on the “Fi” than on the game. We’re bringing the real sport to the screens. That means amazing graphics from our expert developer who worked on The Witcher plus a wide range of exciting and innovative features to create the nearest thing to real-world basketball.
Game modes – Ballers can duel each other in 1:1 games or go head to head with other squads alongside trusty teammates in 3:3 and 5:5 games. These team games require players to be in a club. By striking a deal with club owners, ballers can compete in exchange for a good salary or even a share of the club’s generated revenue.
It’s also possible to play for fun with your friends in a private, invite-only tournament. This feature is entirely FREE and accessible to anyone. In addition, you can also customize tournaments to have a fixed buy-in fee: a small prize pool can be that extra incentive to kickstart the competition!
Consumables and loot – As in the real game, ballers’ stamina drains as they participate in games or practice off the court. Though they naturally recover automatically, you also have the option to speed up the recovery process and boost your morale score by using consumable items such as energy drinks (which can be branded and sponsored, earning you revenue).
Occasionally, players will also earn loot boxes, which have randomized rewards significant enough to give you a tinge of excitement every time you roll the dice, but tiny enough not to throw the game economy off-balance.
Performance – Consistency is vital to maintain skill rates. Ballers have to constantly play or practice, or their skills deteriorate. This mechanism leaves you with three options:
  1. 1.
    Play the game consistently: the obvious answer, and perhaps what basketball gamers like us have in mind.
  2. 2.
    Sell ballers at their peak: a crafty solution to make a profit, but you will have to watch the market closely.
  3. 3.
    Rent ballers to other players – have someone play for you since you aren’t regularly online.
If you do decide to stick with your passion and play on your own, remember that every baller will have to be online for their match – this is an online multiplayer game after all. In the case of team games, the club owner will select which players are going on the field, so don’t be the benchwarmer! This rule also means any absent players can be replaced with substitutes.
If unable to play, it’s better to sell the avatar while still at its peak or rent it for a revenue share.
Earning – The whole team receives XP and is rewarded with $BVR tokens, but those who played will get some more. Winning teams will advance through the ranks if they are participating in leagues and will get matched with increasingly powerful opponents.
Club play – The club owner selects which players are going to play in the next match, but the rest of the roster should also be present to substitute selected players who don’t show up.