Basketball leagues. Players Love It. Coaches Love It. Fans Love It.
The number of leagues and their attributes will be controlled by Basketballverse, which will have the freedom to make deals with other brands that would like to be associated with league attributes. This will contribute to the further development of the game.
Leagues are essentially the actual game and rewards component of Basketballverse. Leagues comprise different tiers to maintain an enjoyable experience across Basketballverse. This ensures that similar stat ballers and clubs play together, maintaining an enjoyable experience across the board. Clubs can move up and down the leagues and the ballers in the club collectively gain/lose points by winning/losing matches. The league tiering system will be auto-correcting based on the stats and inventory of ballers playing.
Lower level leagues will have lower entry fees, but also lower rewards. Better leagues will have bigger entry fees, but also bigger rewards. Better leagues games will be held in bigger Arenas, where more spectators can watch streamed game (meaning, the team can bring their fanbase to root for them, increasing morale and improving the chances to participate better. This means various player characteristics will increase throughout the game. In order to get into the higher tier league, it’s necessary to secure a top-three position in the lower one (and vice-versa to drop out of the league).
Leagues will be tailored for each major time-zone so everyone can play the game.

Each league will have different attributes and rules, such as:

  • Level
  • Entry fee
  • Rewards
  • Name
  • Number of clubs accepted
  • Number of games
  • Type of league (groups, elimination, etc.)
  • Type of clubs accepted (1:1, 3:3, 5:5)

Leagues are also brandable in terms of:

  • League name
  • Colors
  • Logos