Basketballverse – The Solution

There is a saying "If the challenge exists, so must the solution". In Basketballverse we focus on the solutions to solve existing problems of basketball gaming.
We have anticipated all of the true basketball fan’s needs and desires to build a full-immersion game. Now, anyone can start their basketball metaverse career and earn a living from it, whoever they are and wherever they play.
Basketballverse SOLUTION
Players own and earn NFT assets and $BVR through competition, selling, renting, and deals with clubs. Clubs earn through winning games and tournaments, sponsorship deals and merchandise. Arenas earn through sponsorship and branding, renting for games and practice sessions, ads and merchandise.
A full range of options is available, including 1:1, 3:3, 5:5, friendly, professional, pick-up games, and one-off or full tournaments. You can also ‘play’ as a club and arena.
Ability is earned through experience, game-playing, training and learning new skills from real-world players so that a baller in the Basketballverse has none of the physical or cultural limitations of reality.
Playing live with fans and individual players in an arena brings the experience to life.
The metaverse allows players from all over the world to meet in the same place at the same time to play, practise and enjoy basketball.
Full ownership of your baller ID, club or arena – you make the choices and deals, with each asset being driven by a unique NFT.
Players, clubs and arenas have individual, customisable qualities linked to their NFT presence, with the ability to improve through practice, winning, sponsorship and fanbase.
A wide range of real-life playing positions, roles and even morale scores make the game as close to the actual court as possible, with higher scores given for better performance.
Club, team, league and individual gaming means there’s always a high level of competition, with money earned at each stage.
Get sponsorship for clubs/players/arenas and deal in merchandise or brandable content to get the maximum revenue from the game.
It’s not only about playing the game. Basketballverse’s new landscape for P2E gaming is its earning potential through branding opportunities, both internally and with real-world established brands. As such, it’s a true metaverse experience.