GTM & Growth Model

To avoid misjudging the audience or market for Basketballverse, we have crafted a thoughtful, actionable, effective go-to-market plan.
Basketballverse aims to be the first virtual world of basketball fans worldwide, allowing anyone from anywhere to jumpstart their professional basketball career in a metaverse. We also recognize that loving the game means involving professional basketball players and clubs from the real world as sponsors or skills providers.
Real-world partnerships, brands and players
The dream of hosting the NBA league on a personal computer is entirely feasible with Basketballverse's strategic partnerships. We will partner with established brands to have their names in-game as arena identities, league names and many more. Imagine the virtual Arena in Basketballverse hosting an NBA league in the metaverse. That would undoubtedly be a feast for us basketball lovers.
Basketballverse will also partner with real-world basketball players (used in-game to provide practice and also as ambassadors). For example, rebounding, blocking, defense, and other practice skills could be bought from players like Domantas Sabonis, a PF of the Indiana Pacers (NBA), or shooting from Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors (NBA), or passing and speed from Jeremy Lin, Beijing Ducks (Chinese Basketball Association).
Strategic partnerships
We have made strategic partnerships with prominent VC’s to create a worldwide network of industry professionals who help with project development. In addition, we hired experienced advisors to work on tokenomics (e.g., rewards, earnings, distributions), project development, marketing, business development, and blockchain development support. Finally we onboarded reputable global and regional KOLs to help promote our project. We will also conduct AMA sessions with multiple partners to spread the word about Basketballverse across all regions.
Adaptive marketing
We pay extra attention to keeping the community engagement high using a combination of paid marketing and Guerilla marketing campaigns. At the same time, Basketballverse will leverage the power of primary traffic sources and unconventional interactions to reach the broadest global community.