Player Earnings

Here are 12 great ways to earn income by playing in Basketballverse.
There are three ways to participate and earn revenue in Basketballverse: as a baller, club or arena. This table shows different revenue sources and the detail follows below:
Ballers and clubs
The main earning distinction between ballers and clubs is that ballers can earn a salary.
Entrance fees and rewards
There are various league types in Basketballverse: 1:1, 3:3, and 5:5. Participating in the 1:1 league requires players to pay the entry fee. In 3:3 and 5:5 leagues, the club owner would typically pay the entry fee. Ballers and clubs are rewarded after every game won, with a grand prize for winners at the end of a championship league. The number of rewards and fees will vary depending on how many ballers there are in each team.
Ballers and club owners are also rewarded through achieving various milestones such as winning ten games in a row, finishing the championship in top positions, winning three championships in a row etc.
Arenas receive an award whoever wins a game and when a club they partner with wins a championship. They represent a great source of $BVR passive income from hosting basketball games, doing sponsorships/ad placements, and renting the space to others as a practice court.
The rates of how much the arena (and the winning club) receives will depend on the deal the club agrees when choosing its home arena. For example, a club that makes a deal with an arena offering 5% of the game rewards for every game in that arena would receive 5%, and the rest would go to the club/baller.
Multiple players can become stakeholders in an arena, sharing the passive income with others while not necessarily having to invest too much money. An arena is also perfect for anyone who has little time to spare playing video games.
It depends on how you want to play and earn. If you love a 3D basketball metaverse game experience, with the thrill of scoring goals and coming out on top of a league, then controlling every step of a baller’s career on a court will be a fulfilling and rewarding journey. If management and strategy is more your thing, then managing a club will be the best choice. Otherwise, you can simply share and host an arena with others while earning passive income.