Token Utilities

$BVR is mainly an in-game currency and can be utilized in many ways.
Internal game currency
All transactions in the game require $BVR, whether selling ballers, buying merchandise, paying for arena NFT, etc. Baller NFTs, Club Owner NFTs and Arena NFTs are the entry assets to the game. $BVR is necessary for at least one baller to compete for rewards.
$BVR is also used to enhance ballers in their journey to stardom. Buying merchandise – gear and goods – will help increase a baller’s stats. Occasionally, we will release special limited-edition gear, for example unique NFT collections with special benefits. $BVR can also be used to improve skills by renting arenas to practice or by receiving training from legendary real-world players.
Club owners use $BVR to set up contracts with players. In these agreements, both sides settle on an amount of salary paid out on a recurring basis. Sponsorship deals are also processed with $BVR and can help in many ways, whether tactically in gameplay or financially.
The collected revenue from NFT sales, transaction fees, and in-game advertisements (collected in ETH/USDT/USDC/FIAT) will be used to re-buy the $BVR token, which will go to the treasury and staking rewards.
The amount of activities for which $BVR is needed means that players should take advantage by reinvesting the tokens which they get as a reward or acquire on the open market. Additionally, such things as staking benefits and buy backs will contribute to a steady token price growth in the long term.
Early access rewards
We will send out generous gifts of $BVR as early access rewards to our early adopters and supporters. Early supporters will also receive an exclusive sneak peek at our platform and game features. See the Basketballverse social feeds for more information.
Token staking
Liquidity is crucial to any cryptocurrency. Basketballverse understands this and provides a way to maintain liquidity while earning passive income, locking up some $BVR to turn it into a readily tradable asset in the network.
During this staking process, you will receive a portion of the fees incurred for transactions using your $BVR, earning you significant passive income. As you help Basketballverse keep the network flowing smoothly and increase the worth of $BVR, you help yourself.
Some examples:
Stake $BVR in order to establish your own basketball club (it’s necessary to stake it for as long as the basketball club exists). The higher the league, the bigger amount has to be staked. As in real-life, basketball clubs have to have an X size of the budget in order to be eligible to participate in the league.
Stake $BVR in order to boost your consumables effects (faster recovery, longer-lasting high energy levels, etc.)
Stake $BVR in order to get discounts on ballers and arena upgrades.
Basketballverse believes in the voice of the community. We are honored to steer the game’s growth direction according to the majority consensus. Thus, each Basketballverse player will be able to vote for or against upcoming gameplay features. The more $BVR tokensheld, the more voting power.