$BVR Holder Benefits

Here are the various ways $BVR token holders can benefit.
Early platform access – $BVR holders will be offered exclusive VIP early access to our platform to scout out the game before it’s officially released. By trying out a few PvP games and getting some training done ahead of the curve, you’ll soon be playing (and earning) in the Big Leagues.
Early access to NFT asset drops – $BVR holders will also be able to snatch our exclusive NFT asset drops before the general public. Having the first pick means getting the best price. Not only are they unique, but they are also specially crafted by our talented designers. Customization with good gear and merchandise can also further improve a baller’s stats, giving them an edge.
Moreover, these first-pick NFTs are very valuable on the marketplace or for renting. Having multiple such NFTs multiplies earnings even more.
Test new features – $BVR holders receive exclusive invites to test new features that come out regularly in Basketballverse. By asking for your opinion, we can understand the community’s thinking and develop the game accordingly. Testing new features also means more time to familiarize yourself before they are rolled out in the live version. This gives an extra advantage.