We rise when our team scores.
Each arena consists of 10,000 individual NFT tokens, which can be bought entirely or shared with other owners, receiving revenue from hosting games, renting for practice and sponsorship/branding deals.
All arenas will start with the same parameters. Owners can advertise their arenas to other players in order to attract as many participants/clubs as possible. This can be done within the game or beyond it (for example, on social media). Basketballverse will control the number of arenas at all times. Arena profits are paid to users according to their share of ownership (tokens).
Additionally, there will be a level system. Levels will depend on games hosted, overall activity, etc. The arena might lose a level if it remains inactive. Different levels will unlock different types of playing surfaces and other features such as merchandise booths or number of spectators.
Managing your arena well comes with rewards. Upgrade the arena for increased revenue (e.g. merchandise booths, ad spaces, roof, heated seats), attract sponsorship for the appearance/name of the arena, and sell sponsored consumables such as drinks and food.
As you host more games and are generally more active in upgrading and renting your venue, the arena level (and revenue) will rise. Upgrades could include heated seats, higher capacity bleachers, merchandise booths, food trucks, bars and ad displays. Higher arena ranking levels unlock different types of bonuses, such as different types of court surfaces and further upgrades.
Players can choose whether to invest in an arena upgrade but will receive the benefits only if they have paid. The upgrading fee also depends on how many tokens you staked in an arena — the more you own, the higher your upgrade fee (i.e. a player with 1 token would pay 1 $BVR, while a player with 5000 tokens pays 5000 $BVR).
Upgrades commence only when 91% of the fees are paid to unlock the feature. From this point onward, any owner who spent money on this particular upgrade will start to enjoy the benefits it provides. Sometimes, there might be mandatory upgrades, which incur a penalty on your arenas until they are paid for and implemented. For example, an arena without toilets will cause a morale decrease from the fanbase during matches.
When ranked matches are held in your arena, you’ll be awarded the match fee. This fee depends on the upgrades installed in your and how prestigious the game is — the higher you are in the ranked leagues, the better.
Baller practice is another revenue stream. As a generous arena owner, you will not only benefit from the renting fees but also help an entire generation of ballers to find their place in the Hall of Legends.
As in the real world, you have huge branding and sponsorship potential from real-world basketball arenas and brands, including: court appearance, arena name, logo colors, ads within the game.
Passive income can also be generated by hosting games, renting an arena for practice or upgrading it to have more spectator seats, which would result in being able to host higher league games with better income.
Special booths to sell merchandise is another option. Arenas themselves are highly brandable in terms of logos, colors and name. We will work on business development to attract the biggest real-world names in the industry to have Basketballverse arenas in their names.