This is your chance to be like Mike.
Players are ballers. Each baller is a unique, rare and collectible NFT token with upgradable performance, potential score and value attached. As in the real game, baller’s DNA is unique. They can start from the bottom, go pro and earn $BVR by winning matches. As well as being a member of a club and competing in games, players can own, upgrade, rent and sell their ballers.
Each baller’s goal is to develop his or her skills as much as possible, to participate in games, to earn payouts and rewards, get a salary, get recruited by the best teams in the best leagues, get sponsorship deals and achieve milestones such as 1000 points scored, three league championships won etc. This is done through practice and participating in matches.
Basketballverse ballers are more than simple, generic avatars:
Player evolution – Upgrade your player’s dynamic characteristics through consistent play or buying in-game branded consumables (e.g. Red Bull) that increase recovery and morale. You can also buy practice skills such as rebounding or blocking from real-world players. Want Shaq as your teacher? Why not! We-re talking to real-world players from the Euroleague, NBA and the China Basketball Association.
Each baller has an initial and a maximum potential score because limits exist in real life. But there is room for growth for everyone! Score values are: speed, stamina, dunking, three-point shooting, mid-range shooting, free throw, pass accuracy, ball handling, stealing/, blocking, rebounds and age.
Rare baller NFTs will have a high initial score for all abilities and/or a higher potential score.
Hidden potential – In addition to visible characteristics and known values, each baller also has hidden characteristics: morale and confidence, mental toughness and composure. Morale is based on a baller’s performance over the most recent five basketball games (more lost games = lower morale = worse performance in the next game), amount of merchandise purchased, fanbase size, mental toughness score and home arena advantage. Mental toughness and composure scores impact performance toward the ends of games when ballers are pressured to score to win.
Fanbase – Each baller can have their own fanbase. In fact, it’s recommended to build a fanbase while playing in the 1:1 leagues. The number of fans is related to the most popular social media channels following, plus the number of people watching streamed games and rooting for a baller. Ballers with the bigger fanbase will have their morale increased, which increases performance potential.
Personalization – Every baller is a unique NFT and has the same clothing initially but will be able to buy merchandise through Basketballverse or other marketplaces to change their in-game appearance. This could include shirt, shorts, sneakers, headband/wristband, warm-up clothing, press conference clothing etc.
Playing modes – As in the real world, the choice is yours. You can train, play a couple of friendly matches with peers, join clubs, get serious, participate in the big leagues, and eventually earn payouts and rewards. Outstanding ballers might even get recruitment offers from famous clubs, get real sponsorship deals and score various record-breaking achievements and feature in a club’s Legends Hall. ​
Dynamic roles – Playing roles are dynamic and based on a baller’s performance. Each player can have multiple roles, including: Score, Thief, Mr Block, Playmaker, Shooter and Dunker.
Leveling up – There is a dedicated leveling system, with each baller receiving experience (XP) for playing and performing well in games. Every successful action within a match will impact the baller’s accumulated XP by the end of the game. When the baller’s experience meter reaches 100%, the baller’s level will increase by 1.
Aging - After passing age 35, for example, selected abilities based on physical performance will degrade over time, e.g. speed or stamina. However, abilities based on accumulated experience may slightly increase as in real life, where older players are physically weaker but mentally wiser.​