It’s about the team, not the hero.
There is a lack of good basketball manager video games. The one game that stands out is Pro Basketball Manager 2022, yet it still receives many negative reviews from users, including bad AI, various bugs, and over-simplified gameplay. Basketballverse delivers manager experience like no other, where you have a chance to earn real money from running your own basketball team.
Anyone can become a Basketballverse club owner without being a baller. It’s entirely possible to play our game solely on the managing side. Clubs are managed independently from ballers, despite sharing many interactions. Depending on your preferred game mode, clubs can either have 3 or 5 ballers, along with substitute players. Some of the key features:
Create your roster – Recruit top players by offering the best deals to players. These could involve salary, exclusive merchandise, a share of generated club revenue, or entry fees paid by the club. Owners also make pre-season deals with arenas to host home games, and grow your fanbase.
Club fanbase – The bigger the fanbase, the bigger the club’s popularity, bankability and winning opportunities. Fans are club followers on the most popular social media channels and those watching streamed games to root for a team or baller. Our algorithms randomly increase some skills of ballers whose club has a bigger fanbase for a specific game.
Renting revenue – To help your club reach the top spots more quickly, you can rent basketball gear (sneakers, jerseys) to your ballers. Keep in mind that the gear of a club’s past players can also be rented out. When you’ve coached a legendary player, their past equipment will significantly help raise the younger generation’s stats.
Legends Hall – Immortalize your greatest players in the Legends Hall, building the prestige of your brand and attracting promising new players to your club.
Customize and grow – As well as recruiting your own players, you pick your own name (or get it sponsored), logo, colors, visuals, etc. You also choose and make deals with arenas for home games.
Attract sponsors – Strike sponsorship deals with real-world brands and manufacturers, whether for monetary or strategic purposes. With money, you can afford to pay players’ salaries, and with strategic input, you can form better tactics, as well as expand your reach and influence. Sponsorships can also come in the form of DAOs and subscription models, making your club entirely funded by the community.
Build your brand – Sponsorship could go a long way towards your branding efforts, but you could also build a brand identity from the ground up with unique, outstanding logos, colors, jerseys, banners, and more.