Token Distribution & Release Schedule

We appreciate the help and support from our backers. With your help, we can bring our passion into reality as we slowly craft Basketballverse to perfection
We place the most importance on the activity we all love: playing basketball. Therefore we have allocated 31.5% of our total supply to gameplay and rewards. This amount equals 31,500,000 tokens. After the initial one-month cliff, one-twelfth of these tokens are released each month.
We also want to prioritize robustness in our ecosystem for long-term success. Thus, we allocate 20.67% of the total supply – more than 20 million tokens. 10% of this amount is readily available right at the Token Generation Event (TGE), and each month after that, 5% will be released for a total of 18 months.
The Basketballverse team is allocated 14% of the total supply. There will also be a huge cliff for us: 20% of this amount is released each quarter after a one-year cliff. Similarly, our partners and advisors are also subject to a significant cliff. 5% of their allocated tokens (which is 6% of the total supply) is released on months 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 (after six months). Afterwards, 15% is released every two months until month 24. Last but not least, we have allocated 2.5% of the total supply to our liquidity pool.
During Basketballverse’s private sales round, there will be a chance to buy $BVR at an extra-low price: $0.11 instead of $0.15. We allocate 24% of the total supply to this round, giving everyone an easy opportunity to stock up on our token before it soars. Opportunities will be limited.
In summary, our project valuation stands at $15,000,000, with a market cap at TGE of $909,750.